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Hmmm. Ben, OCEAN IE will conclude Phase 1 this calendar year. Let's talk about a joint GALEON/OCEANS continuation of the two IEs, perhaps, to investigate implementations, requirements, and recommendations.

Keiran, this is good information and great to hear of support for working on this. I'm a strong believer that fostering standards evolution with pragmatic reference implementations and concrete needs examples is a winning method.


Keiran Millard wrote:

We also have the same problem with lack of support (in data models) for
unstructured/irregular grids for our coastal models.  ISO 19123 is big
enough to handle them, but both the NetCDF and the GML communities don't
have this in their  implementations.  Although GML is now in revision to
handle irregular spacing in grids, it still doesn't handle unstructured

If anyone is putting a project together to address this, we'd be happy
to support it.

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