Re: [visad] MTSAT Data Quality

Hi Tony,

The VisAD client library for ADDE has been updated to include navigation for AHI on Himawari-8, but not yet calibration. In this case, local AREA files will have to already be calibrated, or your request to an ADDE server, local or remote, will need to specify returned data is to be calibrated. Otherwise, should work as before. Here's where
you can get the VisAD nightly build:

Although cal/nav is similar between AHI/ABI (GOES-R), it doesn't look like VisAD is ready for ABI via ADDE. However, all GOES-R data is also available in NetCDF-4 and we have Java code which could be used to create custom VisAD adapters. Alternatively,
McIDAS-V and the IDV already support the ABI stored in NetCDF-4.

Feel free ask any other questions.



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