Re: [visad] Display Range value on screen

Hi Devanshi,

You can try setting the cursorStringVector on mouse move.


It is not pretty straight forward.

You may have to add displayListener to the display with MOUSE_PRESSED_CENTER event enabled on display.

You may get the mouse screen coordinates then you may have transform them to display coordinates to Spatial ScalarMap Coordinates. then you may have to use them to find the corresponding range value from the visad data object being displayed.

It is a bit complex. I dont know if any example code is available in visad.examples. Can somebody throw some light on that?


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Hello all,

My file structure is like: ( Lat , Lon ) -->  Temp.
And I map Temp. value to Display.RGB
I get a 2D image on screen.

When I click on screen, I got Lat and Lon values printed, but I also want
the range value, that is "Temp." to be displayed on screen on a mouse click.
The image must be in 2D only.

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