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I would suggest rather than using hdf5 adapter available in visad,
you should netcdf-java library for reading hdf5 images.
It is pretty simple and straight forward.

NetcdfFile ncFile ="myfile.h5");
Variable var = ncFile.findVariable("my_variable"); //the dataset you want to read
//Assuming image is 2 dimension
int scans = var.getDimension(0).getLength(); //Getting scans
int pixels = var.getDimension(1).getLength(); //Getting pixels
float samples[]; //suppose dataset is float data

Given the width, height and pixels of the image (range), you can use any of the example provided in examples with visad source code to construct the flatfield and create a display.

To find netcdf-java library, just google "netcdf-java".


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Hello ,

              I want an example that how to plot an hdf5 image in visAD,
using it's adapter.I have tried but it is not working.

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