[visad] Transformation and/or resampling


i have some question about data transformation or resampling.

1) I have some data that are defined like this (time->(lat,lon)->temperature). a) Is it possible to transform/resample the data to (lat,lon)->temperature?
            (The result should be a n x m grid with temperature values.

b) I want to get the value information for a specific coordinate (in this case lat/lon). field.evaluate(LatLonRealtupleType) is not working, because of the wrong mathtype.

2) I'am using screenbased axis with TwoDDisplayRendererJ3D . Now i want to set the clipping area to the bounds of the screen based axis. But i have no clue how to calculate the clipping area. For testing, i tried to use the cursor position as a clipping boundary.

double[] cursor = getCursor();
float tmpXMAX=(float)cursor[0];
setClip(0, true, tmpXMAX, 0.0f, 0.0f, -1.0f);

But it is not working as aspected. The boundary is only correct if the cursor is exactly over the right side of the box (cursor position = 1). I think i missed some kind of transformation. Maybe someone can give me a hint.

Thanks a lot
Stefan Below

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