[visad] Convert Netcdf content to visad object in order generate contours coordinates

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  • Subject: [visad] Convert Netcdf content to visad object in order generate contours coordinates
  • From: Jose Carro <joandca@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2013 12:49:25 -0300
Dear visad group
I am totally new in visad library and netcdf manipulation.
The file I am trying to manipulate has this features:

Netcdfile follows the convention CF-1.0
type: Time -> ((Longitude, Latitude, zlev) -> (sst, anom, err, ice)
It is 2D because zlev is 0.

I wrote a small java program where I can read a Netcdf file and list
 values following some examples from netcdf library,
My question is how can I transform this array into a format that visad can
understand. As instance FieldImpl.
My goal is to get isotherms (contours) lat,lon using some visad contour
Thanks in advance

Variable tempVar = dataFile.findVariable("sst");
if (tempVar == null) {
System.out.println("Cant find Variable sst");
 // read variable
 int [] shape = tempVar.getShape();
   int recLen = shape[0]; // number of times
   int[] origin = new int[4];
    shape[0] = 1; // only one rec per read

    // loop over the rec dimension
    for (int rec = 0; rec < recLen; rec++) {
     origin[0] = rec;  // read this index
     // Get the lat/lon data from the file.
     ArrayShort.D2 tempArray = null;
     try {
tempArray = (ArrayShort.D2) (tempVar.read(origin, shape).reduce());
} catch (InvalidRangeException e) {
// TODO Auto-generated catch block

     // now checking the value
     for (int lvl = 0; lvl < NLVL; lvl++)
     for (int lat = 0; lat < NLAT; lat++)
     for (int lon = 0; lon < NLON; lon++) {
     // System.out.println(tempArray.get(1,1, lat, lon));
     System.out.println("Longitude:" + lon);
     System.out.println("Latitude:" + lat);
     System.out.println("Temp:" + Float.toString(tempArray.get(lat, lon)));
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