Re: [visad] VisAD with Java 1.7 on Windows 7


Thanks for the update. Can you give some details about how you did this? I have been looking closely into this issue myself. As far as I understand, Java 3D has been taken over by the open source community (1.6 is out, Once JOGL 2.0 is final, we should see Java 3D working on Java 7 on all platform. (Java 3D is dead. Long live Java 3D.)

See here for details:

The JOGL forums are another good source of information:



On 10/8/12 4:58 AM, Jim Koutsovasilis wrote:
Hello all,

I am re-visiting some visad concepts/ideas, and have managed to get the source/examples compiling with Java 1.7 on a Windows 7 notebook. So far, so good, though I was caught out by the Java3D dynamic link libraries (took a few hours to solve this).


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