Re: [visad] Creating Overlay problem


Without some information about georeferencing of the "image" it is not
possible to overlay the map outline.

The OUTLnnnn files from McIDAS do not have a "projection" -- they just
list latitude,longitude coordinates along the lines to be drawn.  See:

If you know the projection of the "image" data, then you can load in
the "image" file using the built-in adapters, and then create a new
FlatField with the domain which contains the georeferencing

If the image projection is a simple rectangular one (in latitude,
longitude), then you can use the McIDAS-V / IDV "XML Image file" that
allows you to specify these for any "image" (gif, png, jpg).

I hope that helps...

Best regards,


On Wed, Jun 27, 2012 at 2:01 AM, Ankita Zalavadiya
<ankitazalavadia@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi..
>   I can create layers(image) from h5 file.   i want to overlap these two
> layer one is image and other is India map boundry(MCIDAS data,file-
> OUTLINDIA) but problem is that projection of both of are different .
>  Image has no information related to projection and lat-long.and map(MCIDAS)
> contains these can i mapping between two layers?
> Does i need any other information in addition to these two(image and map
> file)?how can i change projection of India boundry map file?.
> Thanks and Regard
> Ankita
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