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Hello, hope you are fine.
I want to make a script that calculates certain characteristics in a satellite 
image for the day April 3, 2004. The data is downloaded from Unidata in the 
following format: 200404031215.goesi12r and are hourly. 

The first thing I want to do:
1.  how to select the Region of Mexico from a script?

Doing some deployments in McIDAS-V and after having researched the types of 
coordinates in McIDAS-V , I 
note that the values ​​of lines and elements which correspond to Region of 
are the values ​​determined by the "AREA Coordinates" (see 3abril.jpg in 
attached),they are the values ​​associated with the image displayed on 
screen ?

if that's true, How to convert lines and elements of an image to coordinates of 
latitude and longitude?

 There is some method or function to select the domain mentioned?

2. There is some method or function to display this data on screen of  McIDAS-V?

3. I want to display a image with the values ​​of brightness, where the range 
is from 201 to 207 and segment the region corresponding to these values. Is 
there any way to do this?

The script is as follows:

def scm(directory):
  import os;
  fs = os.listdir(directory);

  # now fs will be a list of all the files in directory

  from edu.wisc.ssec.mcidas import AreaFile;
  for name in fs:

      print "Reading in:",name
      af = AreaFile(directory+"/"+name);
      ad = af.getAreaDirectory();
      count = 0;
      data = af.getFloatData();

      # Mesoscale Convective System detected 

      for i in xrange(ad.getLines()):
          for j in xrange(ad.getElements()):
              if 552 < i < 900 and 244 < j < 572:
                  if (data[0][i][j]) > 206 and (data[0][i][j]) < 208:
                      print i, j, data[0][i][j];


Boris Vladimir Comi Gonzalez
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Grupo de Tormentas Convecivas


Attachment: 3abril.png
Description: PNG image

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