Re: [visad] Use of netCDF Library from VisAD (John DeVore)

On 01/06/2012 12:30 AM, visad-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Re: Use of netCDF Library from VisAD (John DeVore)
Hi John....

I think the NetCDF java library as pointed out by Tom Whittaker
is a complete Java solution with no native dependency.

I extensively use NetCDF Java library for reading HDF4 and HDF5 files.

If you are planning to write HDF5 files, the latest stuff is
Nujan... a pure Java solution for writing HDF5 (1.8.5 and above) files and NetCDF 4 files.

HDF4 and 5 being very general purpose formats, you may have to write some
code to make a visad data object out of that.
Its pretty simple.

I dont know what type of data you are reading or writing in HDF.
If it is gridded data, what you can do is write your data using CF conventions.

IDV and McIDAS-V are able to load this type of data by Default.

However, I could not understand fully your query. But may be the above information helps you a bit.


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