Re: [visad] Use of netCDF Library from VisAD

Hi Tom,

I'm afraid that I've moved past the problem and don't have an example I can provide any more. I tried various solutions, including using the HDF library, which I got working for reading but not writing netCDF files. What I remember is that retrieved floating point values were wrong - they were all way too small.

I downloaded the NetCDF User's Guide and wrote my own interface entirely in Java using the RandomAccessFile class to read or write classic netCDF files. However, there is a performance penalty using this class that I hope to do some experimenting with to see if I can speed up the accesses.

However, thanks for following up.


At 02:47 PM 1/2/2012, Tom Whittaker wrote:
Hi John....

The netCDF classes in the VisAD library are there mainly to support
the Plain class, and were coded many years ago.  For non-VisAD Java
applications, I would recommend using the netCDF-java jar file
(available from Unidata:

I would be interested in knowing what the "file/library/Java
inconsisteny" is that you are seeing, though....

I hope this helps.


On Tue, Dec 20, 2011 at 7:11 PM, John DeVore <devore@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been using netCDF for reading and writing scientific datasets from
> Java on my Windows PC for a number of years. However, lately I have been
> stumped by some sort of file/library/Java inconsistency that popped up.
> Consequently I am looking for an all Java solution that doesn't depend upon
> C libraries built for my PC. With that as background, my question is: can
> the netCDF library component of VisAD could furnish me with an all-Java
> solution to working with netCDF files from my Java programs? If the answer
> is yes, then the follow-up question would is: is there documentation or
> simple example code for doing this?
> Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer,
> John
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