[visad] Use of netCDF Library from VisAD


I have been using netCDF for reading and writing scientific datasets from Java on my Windows PC for a number of years. However, lately I have been stumped by some sort of file/library/Java inconsistency that popped up. Consequently I am looking for an all Java solution that doesn't depend upon C libraries built for my PC. With that as background, my question is: can the netCDF library component of VisAD could furnish me with an all-Java solution to working with netCDF files from my Java programs? If the answer is yes, then the follow-up question would is: is there documentation or simple example code for doing this?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer,


John DeVore
Senior Scientist

781-791-3209 (office)
805-687-3026 (home)

Visidyne, Inc.
429 Stanley Drive
Santa Barbara, CA  93105
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