[visad] Vote For Your Favorite SciVis Challenge Entry!

International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge, Vote for Your 
Favorite Entry, Voting Ends October 28, 2011 Images from left to right of 
trichomes on tomato, enterobacteria phage t4, hiv virus The Deadline is Less 
Than Four Days Away! 
The SciVis Challenge recognizes scientists, engineers, visualization 
specialists and artists who produce beautiful science visualizations. Winning 
entries will be published in "Science" and "Science Online", and will be 
displayed on the NSF website. 
Visit NSF's online voting page [ https://nsf-scivis.skild.com/vote ] to pick 
your favorite entry in each of the five categories of NSF's "International 
Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge". Your picks will determine which 
entries are recognized as the *PEOPLE'S CHOICE*. 
  Trouble using the link above? Copy and paste 
https://nsf-scivis.skild.com/vote into your web browser and cast your vote! NSF 
and Science-AAAS logos    

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