[visad] Call for Entries: Visualization Challenge

International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge Call for Entries 

International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge Call for Entries 
Images from left to right of trichomes on tomato, enterobacteria phage t4, hiv 
virus The Deadline is Less Than a Month Away! 
The SciVis Challenge recognizes scientists, engineers, visualization 
specialists and artists who produce beautiful science visualizations. Winning 
entries will be published in "Science" and "Science Online", and will be 
displayed on the NSF website. Help spread the word by posting the attached 
flyer where interested colleagues and friends will see it. Thank you! 
Now You Can: 
bullet  Submit your entries online bullet  Read what the judges think about the 
entries bullet  Vote for your favorite entry--People's Choice bullet  Share 
your favorite entries on Facebook and Twitter 
Award Categories: 
bullet  Photography bullet  Illustrations bullet  Informational Posters and 
Graphics bullet  Videos bullet  Interactive Video Games 


 Learn About the Challenge:
Challenge Website [ http://www.nsf.gov/news/special_reports/scivis ]
Complete Entry Information [ 
 ] NSF and Science-AAAS logos

Attachment: scivis_flyer.pdf
Description: Binary data

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