[visad] HowTo do a smooth surface interpolation from sample 3D points?

Hello Visad community,

I am back to a new 3D project and now wonder, how to interpolate a
surface from which I know the coordinates of about 100 measurment
points? They are taken from the bulge surface of the upper half circle
of a tree trunk.

My First question is, which kind of set to use? I think it should be
Gridded2DSet, because the x and y coordinates would be the domain and z
the manifold dimension?

My second question is, how to interpolate a smooth non-oscillating
surface from this points. It should represents the bulge surface in a
smooth way, so that CAD shapers can reproduce it.

I found some surface interpolating stuff for C/C++, but I'd like to get
it done in Java. If such a thing is not already implemented in VisAD,
where would be the best place to put the surface interpolator? Any
algorithms you would suggest?

Kind regards and thank you for your help,

Marius Schmidt

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