Re: [visad] GOES RAW to Radiances

If the AREA file contains the "calibration block", then the AreaFile
class has a method "setCalType()" that should allow you to set the
calibration type you want before you call "getFloatData()" to get the
pixel values.

If this does not work, the only other options I know of are using the
ADDE server -- if "CLASS" uses ADDE to deliver the AREA files, you can
simply request the "unit" you want in the ADDE request; otherwise, you
can use McIDAS-V (free download) to run a local ADDE server.  You
would need to configure this (via McIDAS-V) to point to your local
AREA files, and leave the server running when you run your MATLAB


2011/3/11 Luis Martín Pomares <luis.martin@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hello everybody,
> I am working estimating solar radiation from GOES satellite for South
> America. I have downloaded some files from class and used AREAFILE from
> VISAD to read RAW data. The problem is that I need to transform digital
> level to Radiances but I don't find the way using de VISAD library in
> MATLAB. I tried with CalibratorGvarG8 (calibrate method), I read the
> calibration coefficients in Gould format but it doesn't work. Do you know
> the way to get radiances with VIsad==
> Thanks a lot for your help in advance and best regards,
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