Re: [visad] Hovmoller diagram

Hi Don,

If the images are at evenly spaced time intervals
you may simply be able to replace:

 Time -> Animation


 Time -> YAxisOffset

with appropriately computed scale and offset. If
the time intervals are not evenly spaced, then you
may need to convert your data to something like:

 (Index -> (Time, ((ImageElement, ImageLine) -> Band1)))

and replace:

 Time -> Animation


 Index -> YAxisOffset

It will be a little work to compute proper scale
and offset for the ScalarMap to YAxsOffset.

Good luck and let us know if you have any problems.


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Subject: [visad] Hovmoller diagram

Hi All-

I have a set of images that show the data of a narrow band of the earth.
 The MathType is:

(Time-> ((ImageElement, ImageLine) -> Band1))

with a CoordinateSystem of:

(ImageElement, ImageLine) ==> (Latitude, Longitude)

Normally, I map:

Latitude->Y Axis
Longitude -> X Axis
Band1 -> RGB
Time -> Animation

to do a time animation of the images.   What I would like to do is
generate a Hovmoller diagram where Time is the Y axis and the images are
stacked along in time, such as the image here:

What ScalarMaps would I need and/or how would I need to munge the data
to accomplish this?

Thanks for your help.

Don Murray

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