Re: [visad] HowTo Questions: gray scale, shader gray scale, viewers, position, process monitor and netcdf access to large files

Hi all,

much thanks for your answers so far and especially for your helpful code example Curtis, it will definitely be useful for my JSciVision :-).

Gray scale texture:
Is there a time schedule when to expect the arrival of this new functionality ?

Portability of shader programming:
Since GLSL (OpenGL Shading Language) is official part of the OpenGL specification since OpenGL 2.0 and must be implemented by OpenGL compliant hardware I would think, that it should be portable between graphics hardware supporting OpenGL. There is an thread on ( about this, but I did not tried myself to run GLSL shader on different platforms myself yet. Hopefully I can tell a little more in about six month.

That would be very nice :-)

kind regards,

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