Re: [visad] Visad Tutorials and Documentation

Hi Bruce, Bill, Jon and the others,

im very happy that my Latex approach for the documentation does some favor :-) and many thanks for your offer to help. Did Jon posted his answer to the mailing list? Because I have not received any message of him. I think I will have finished the main conversion of the developers guide in three or four days. @Bruce: I'd like to suggest, that you just could create appropriate diagrams where ever you think it makes sense. I can include it in the pdf most simple, if each diagram is a pdf itself, but even eps or svg will work. For inclusion just tell me the section number and the last few words before the position where I shall include the graphics. E.g. 2.1 'with VisAD in code listing 2.1:'. Perhaps a really simple pipeline of activities executed one after another could make sense here, expanded with some class information of Plain, DataImpl, etc, instead of the enumeration?

@All: Is there a shared place to upload the tex sources to? So it would be possible to do the correct code indentations collaboratively wherever I missed it.

Kind regards,
Marius Schmidt

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