[visad] VisAD updated

The VisAD library has been updated.  You may pick up the new JAR files
at the usual ftp location:

Here is a summary of the changes since the January, 2010 update:

visad/bom/ShadowImageByRefFunctionTypeJ3D.java  revision 1.22  date:
2010/02/04 22:16:09   author: rink
 Use power-of-two tiles.

visad/TriangleStripBuilder.java  revision 1.4  date: 2010/01/26
21:37:37   author: rink
 reset default=MERGE_PREV

visad/bom/ShadowImageByRefFunctionTypeJ3D.java  revision 1.21  date:
2010/01/22 17:12:13   author: rink

visad/Contour2D.java  revision 1.82  date: 2010/01/21 23:55:02   author: rink
 fix tri strip side/orientation flags in a couple places.  Bruce's merge code
 works now.

visad/bom/ShadowImageByRefFunctionTypeJ3D.java  revision 1.20  date:
2010/01/19 23:04:04   author: rink
 check that tile size not greater than texture limit.

visad/bom/ShadowImageByRefFunctionTypeJ3D.java  revision 1.19  date:
2010/01/15 20:21:23   author: rink
 remove some debug.

visad/bom/ShadowImageByRefFunctionTypeJ3D.java  revision 1.18  date:
2010/01/15 19:52:42   author: rink
 byRef rendering now handles images larger than texture limit

visad/java3d/VisADImageNode.java  revision 1.14  date: 2010/01/15
19:51:57   author: rink
 Now essentially a manager for a set of image tiles.

visad/java3d/VisADImageTile.java  revision 1.2  date: 2010/01/15
19:51:25   author: rink
 move latest caching logic here.

visad/java3d/ShadowFunctionOrSetTypeJ3D.java  revision 1.88  date:
2010/01/15 19:40:18   author: rink
 textureToGroup for byRef now takes a tile.

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