[visad] question using Visad Delaunay


Im using visad to create a Delaunay triangulation. I have two ways.

*1st way:
        try {
            delaunay_ = Delaunay.factory(verteces_, true);
        catch (VisADException exc) {

        assert delaunay_.test(verteces_);*

2nd way:

        try {
            delaunay_ = new DelaunayClarkson(verteces_);
        } catch (VisADException e) {

The first way uses the factory (that heuristically decides which method will
be use), and then uses the method test. So I guess this would be quite
expensive, but will provide an exact triangulation.

My question is, if used this way, DelaunayClarkson could return a wrong
triangulation, and if it would be faster than using the factory method (or
at least always O(N*logN) ).

Thank you very much
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