[visad] Isocontours as vectors

Hello Everyone,

I was searching for any Java library to make isocontours from my 3D data and
I've finally found your excellent suite, capable to offer much more than
plotting of these. Thanks a lot for it!

My goal is to export my final 2D data (color=f(x,y)) into vector graphics. I
have some experience with SVG and recently also with basic SWF (Flash). My
idea was to 'take' coords of individual points of isocontours and plot them
as shape/polygon with some fill pattern.

Looking into the code, mainly into the part where filled isocontours are
plotted, I was lost a bit. I am not experienced programmer, rather
occasional hobbyist. I was unable to locate any variable where array of
points to plot is available and, from several methods, I am quite sure, that
filling is made by some flood fill method rather than using polygons with
some fill properties set. As this later method is more straightforward and
efficient, I doubt you weren't trying it as well. 

Are there any objective reasons, why constructing of isocontours is not
based on vector objects? Or it is posible, but not implemented yet? In later
case, I offer you my little help in this area. 

If vector output is technically impossible, I'll have to continue in
seaching for any additional Java library, capable to trace individual pixels
into vector objects, like it is possible in some professional vector
editors. But results of such conversion is unpredictable.

Thank for any ideas.


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