[visad] Question about a spreadsheet-type application

I just discovered VisAD and am very impressed by its capabilities, particularly in the Visualization Spreadsheet.

I need to develop an application which is not like any of the VisAD examples, so I am unsure if VisAD is a viable or sensible choice to code with.

I'm thinking about a spreadsheet where mostly the entries are simple numbers, but some entries may be (static) images, or possibly small (and few variable) data sets. For the simple number cells I need to do standard formula-based calculations. So it's a sort of 'multimedia spreadsheet' to be used for recording different kinds of data, and to be able to organise and 'play around' with the data. This is to support a learning application for decision-making with quantified (statistical) and unquantified data.

The other specific thing I need is to be able to construct 2D charts from numerical entries in the spreadsheet, and to have direct manipulation of the values in the individual data cells by dragging the data point displayed in the chart [Excel had this as a built-in function prior to version Excel2007]. That's the basic, if there were neat ways to do more complex direct manipulation that would be a bonus.

Thanks for any suggestions!

- Phillip

Dr Phillip Kent
London Knowledge Lab - Institute of Education
23 - 29 Emerald St
London WC1N 3QS
p.kent@xxxxxxxxx tel 020 7763 2156 mobile 07950 952034 www.RISKatIOE.org , www.phillipkent.net ++++++++
"When you try to find the people, it always
in the end comes down to somebody" Dos Passos

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