[visad] Using VisAD for Fire Behavior


I've been perusing the VisAD docs and tutorials and I'm gaining an understanding and great appreciation for the library. But, before I get too far along, I'd like to share my idea for using VisAD and confirm whether I'm going down the right path. I appreciate any tips and insights that might help.

I want to render potential wildland fire behavior in a display. Basically, I'd like to move a UI Slider that represents time and date and render the potential fire behavior for an area based on wind forecasts, the lay of the land, and the solar preheating of the fuel. I think the following MathTypes describe my basic intent:

Solar pre-heating of the fuel driven by time of day and location:
( time -> ( (latitude, longitude) -> ( ( slope, aspect, fuel_type ) -> fuel_preheat ) ) )

Fire behavior output from wind, slope and preheat by time of day and location: ( time -> ( (latitude, longitude) -> ( (wind_spd, wind_dir, slope, aspect, fuel_preheat) -> fire_behavior ) ) )

First, are my MathTypes adequate? The wind_spd, wind_dir, slope and aspect values are all read from data files. The fuel_preheat values will be computed.

Thus far, I've adapted Don Murray's ArcAsciiGridAdapter into a GridFloatAdapter in order to read the georeferenced GridFloat (*.flt) files. And, I've coupled this with the visad.jmet.AlbersCoordinateSystem to handle the georeferencing. Now I'd like to compute derived preheat values from the data and rendering some of the data.

Any tips or comments?

-- Bruce
Bruce Schubert

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