Re: [visad] Complex data type


You may be able to use a Tuple and implement
complex math, by defining a new class that extends
RealTuple with two Real components for real
and imaginary parts, and overrides the binary()
method to define complex math operations.

None of the other VisAD classes will know about
your complex class extending RealTuple, so there
may be some problems.

Good luck,

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  From: "Doug Lindholm"
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  Subject: [visad] Complex data type
  Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2009 14:04:42 -0600

  I thought this topic came up before but I couldn't find it in the

  I gather that VisAD does not have a Complex data type. I could use
  a Tuple with a real and imaginary component, but it would be nice
  if I could do complex (non-real) math with it. Any thoughts?


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