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If you don't want to compile VisAD on your own you can take the compiled
VisAD jar and generate a wrapper module for it (google "NetBeans wrapper
module").  You might then also generate a module wrapper for Java3D and
make your VisAD wrapper module dependent on it.  Note that If you use a
NetBeans wrapper module for Java3D  and would like to use both 32 and 64
JRE for a given platform you will run into an issue with native library
placement and loading.  The NetBeans native library loading defaults to
a single directory per cluster suite and the 32 and 64 bit native
libraries use the same names  (java native library naming semantics
predate emergence of 64 bit binaries so it seems this 32/64 overlap
wasn't considered).  If you need help with particular issue this let me
know and we can discuss offline (outside the scope of the VisAD list).


We've been using VisAD with the NetBeans platform since ~2003.  The only
issue has been the use of the AWT (heavyweight) 3D Canvas component
inside of NetBeans with Swing (lightweight) components.   There are
plenty of guides describing how to deal with the window over paint
issues and it hasn't been much of an issue for us.




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I just looked inside the jar file (one of them anyway) for VisAd. WOW. 

Before I go unjaring and stuff, has anyone brought it in to NetBeans

Bill Thayer 
Dallas, TX 

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