Re: [visad] Question on TupleTypes

 Hi Ugo

If you want the irregular (x, y) topology to be part of the
FlatField, you need to change the type from:

(id ->( (x,y) , temp, pressure, ...))


((x,y) ->  (temp, pressure, ...))

Then your Irregular2DSet is used as the doman Set of the
FlatField. Range Sets may be used in FlatFields, but they
are just 1-D Sets used to document sampling resolution of
single RealTypes in the range.

Good luck,

  > You can call setSamples() for a FlatField with range type:
  > ( (x,y) , temp, pressure, ...)
  > just as you would for a FlatField with range type:
  > ( x,y, temp, pressure, ...)

  But this ignores the topology of my data. X and y might be a line
  or a polygon (like the region in

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