[visad] Question on TupleTypes


I'm using VisAD to model database tables and have a question.

Let a db table have an id, an x and an y coord, and a few other fields
like temperature, pressure etc.

I create a MathType like

(id -> (x,y,temp,pressure,...)

(that is RealType -> (RealTupleTypes)).

Used a Linear1DSet as domain of a FlatField and got the points all right
on the display.  Here a snippet:

TupleType range_tuple = ...;

RealType index = RealType.getRealType( "id" );
FunctionType func_i_xy = new FunctionType( index, range_tuple );

Set index_set = new Integer1DSet(index, count);
FlatField vals_ff = new FlatField( func_i_xy, index_set );

vals_ff.setSamples( vals);

Now I have another type of geometry, rather than single points, much like
the 2D Set found in Region.java, which defines a polygon:

int[][] tris = DelaunayCustom.fill(samples);
DelaunayCustom delaunay = new DelaunayCustom(samples, tris);

Irregular2DSet region =
      new Irregular2DSet(earth, samples, null, null, null, delaunay);

which I also want to fill.

So I changed the type to

(id ->( (x,y) , temp, pressure, ...))

(x,y) is a RealTupleType.SpatialCartesian2DTuple, whereas the other fields
are RealTypes (defined by float[][]).

To the question: what method setSample do I need? If that makes sense at
all. Or do I have to wrap ((x,y),temp,pressure,...) in some visad.Data

Thanks in advance,



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