Re: [visad] Why does my application eat up the memory?

Dear Murray,

   Thank you for your repid reply.

   My OS is x86_64
   My java version is 1.6.0_03( 64-bit), J3D version is java3d-1_5_1-linux-amd64

   The last attached file is only demo code that I extract from my application. 
My application has 4 DisplayImplJ3D s in JTabbedPane. If I use only 1 
DisplayImplJ3D as the last demo code file, then loop is ok, although the lots 
of system memory is used; but when I use 2 DisplayImplJ3D s, the memory is 
eaten up rapidly and the loop is stop by the error message in console : 
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space ...

   I'm trying to extract the code from my application with 4 DisplayImplJ3D and 
demo data .

   Thanks again


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> Hi Lizhi-
> Lizhi Wang wrote:
>> Dear all:
>>    The attach file is my java demo application. When I press the 'loop' 
>> button, my system's memory is eaten up by it. Could you find the reason? Or 
>> how can I avoid this?
> I ran your program on Windows XP using Java 1.5 and Java 1.5.1
> and am not seeing a memory problem. We have observed problems
> when an application is minimized and looping is enabled.
> What version of Java and Java 3D are you running? How much memory
> are you allocating to the JVM (e.g., what is the -Xmx flag you are
> using, if any).
> Don Murray
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