Re: [visad] mouse wheel clicked

Hi James,

In my VisBio application, I accomplished what you want by using
DataRenderer's addException and clearExceptions methods. It is sort of
a hack, since the original intent was to use those methods to display
any exception messages that occur, but I just build some
VisADExceptions with the range value information, and set them that
way, and they display in the lower left corner.

Here's the file with the relevant code:

See the computeCursor and doMessages methods.

Also important is my DisplayUtil.redrawMessages method, which forces a
quick redraw of the exception messages:

Feel free to steal code from these three methods and use it for
whatever you like.

As for controlling the font size, I believe there is a way to control
the font used to plot the cursor probe and exception messages, but do
not know what it is off the top of my head. Perhaps one of the other
VisAD developers does.

Controlling the location of the messages would be a lot harder. I
briefly looked into adding a way to set your own messages somewhere
other than the bottom left corner, but it would be a mess. Probably
easier would be to use VisAD's TextType functionality to create a text
data object in the display with the information you want somewhere,
and then update it dynamically when the cursor probe happens. See
Test45 for a start on that.


On Jan 10, 2008 8:23 PM, James Fishbaugh <jfishbaugh@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello yet again,
> When the mouse wheel is clicked on a 2D plot, the user will be
> presented with a display of the value of the x and y axis in the upper
> left hand corner.  I would also like it to display the value data
> being plotted.  Also, do I have any control of the size and location
> of that information.  Thanks.
> James
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