Re: [visad] conferencing with visad...what are the features


VisAD is designed to support remote collaboration,
where users are running copies of the same application
on different workstations, each showing the same
visualizations and user interface, and all copies
responding identically to interactions by any of the
users. I guess this would correspond to "Application
Sharing" on your list.

The SpreadSheet and the IDV both support this type
of remote collaboration.


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  From: "John Carlson"
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  Subject: [visad] conferencing with visad...what are the features
  Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2007 09:18:40 -0800

  What are the features of conferencing with visad?

  Here are a list of possible features. Maybe someone can
  comment whether visad provides for these or not. If not,
  perhaps someone could point me to the right place to do
  this in Java. Thanks.

  Instant messaging
  Store and Forward Text Messaging (email)
  Audio Files
  Video Files
  Regular Files
  3D "Worlds"
  Application Sharing
  Desktop Sharing
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