[visad] VisAD library updated

The VisAD library (visad.jar) has been updated.  The JAR files are in
the usual location.  Here is a summary of changes made since the last
update (which was 7 Aug 2007):

2007-09-18 17:26  donm

        * visad/QuickSort.java: add some javadoc to the sort methods so I
          can remember what it does next time.  The chips are getting

          output from main on my Windows PC:

          $ java visad.QuickSort 500000 Creating array of 500000 random
          elements...  Creation of random elements took 0.062 seconds.
          Sorting...done.  Sort of elements took 0.125 seconds.

          old output listed in code from Bill's old machine:

          iris 99% java visad.QuickSort 500000 Creating array of 500000
          random elements...  Creation of random elements took 11.691
          seconds.  Sorting...done.  Sort of elements took 4.953 seconds.
          iris 100%

2007-09-18 09:41  tomw

        * edu/wisc/ssec/mcidas/: AREAnav.java, GEOSnav.java: First crack at
          adding GEOS nav for HRIT files served via ADDE...

2007-09-13 11:05  tomw

        * edu/wisc/ssec/mcidas/AreaDirectory.java: Added a bunch of newer
          SS numbers..

2007-09-05 10:34  donm

        * visad/: DataDisplayLink.java, Display.java, DisplayImpl.java,
          ShadowFunctionOrSetType.java: allow setting point mode through a

2007-08-31 16:19  jeffmc

        * visad/data/mcidas/AREACoordinateSystem.java: Fix null ptr in

2007-08-31 16:19  jeffmc

        * visad/data/mcidas/AreaAdapter.java: Keep the area file around

2007-08-31 11:12  curtis

        * visad/data/bio/LociForm.java: Fix compile error.

2007-08-31 06:28  jeffmc

        * visad/data/mcidas/AREACoordinateSystem.java: Refactor the
          constructor to pull out the initialization code.  Enable the
          creation of the object without creating an areanav. Use the
          method getAreaNav to enable derived classes to lazily create the
          areanav when its needed.

2007-08-31 06:20  jeffmc

        * edu/wisc/ssec/mcidas/adde/AddeImageURL.java: When we are doing a
          directorylist then use the 'ALL' value for the band, not the
          defined band. When using an actual band we get an error from the

2007-08-30 13:02  curtis

        * loci/formats/: AggregateMetadataStore.java, AxisGuesser.java,
          ChannelMerger.java, ChannelSeparator.java, ClassList.java,
          ConsoleTools.java, CoreMetadata.java, DataTools.java,
          DimensionSwapper.java, DummyMetadata.java,
          DummyMetadataStore.java, FilePattern.java, FileStitcher.java,
          FormatException.java, FormatHandler.java, FormatReader.java,
          FormatTools.java, FormatWriter.java, IFormatHandler.java,
          IFormatReader.java, IFormatWriter.java, IRandomAccess.java,
          ImageReader.java, ImageTools.java, ImageWriter.java,
          LegacyQTTools.java, Location.java, Log.java, LogTools.java,
          MetadataRetrieve.java, MetadataStore.java,
          MetadataStoreException.java, MetadataTools.java,
          MinMaxCalculator.java, NumberFilter.java, RABytes.java,
          RAFile.java, RAUrl.java, RandomAccessStream.java,
          ReaderWrapper.java, ReflectException.java,
          ReflectedUniverse.java, StatusEvent.java, StatusListener.java,
          StatusReporter.java, TiffIFDEntry.java, TiffRational.java,
          TiffTools.java, UnknownTagException.java, lgpl.txt, readers.txt,
          test, writers.txt, codec/AdobeDeflateCodec.java,
          codec/BZip2Constants.java, codec/Base64Codec.java,
          codec/BaseCodec.java, codec/BitBuffer.java, codec/BitWriter.java,
          codec/ByteVector.java, codec/CBZip2InputStream.java,
          codec/CRC.java, codec/Codec.java, codec/JPEGCodec.java,
          codec/LZOCodec.java, codec/LZWCodec.java, codec/LZWTreeNode.java,
          codec/LuraWaveCodec.java, codec/MJPBCodec.java,
          codec/MSRLECodec.java, codec/NikonCodec.java,
          codec/PackbitsCodec.java, codec/QTRLECodec.java,
          codec/RPZACodec.java, gui/ComboFileFilter.java,
          gui/ExtensionFileFilter.java, gui/FormatFileFilter.java,
          gui/GUITools.java, gui/ImageViewer.java, gui/PreviewPane.java,
          in/AVIReader.java, in/AliconaReader.java, in/BMPReader.java,
          in/BaseTiffReader.java, in/BioRadReader.java,
          in/DeltavisionReader.java, in/DicomReader.java,
          in/EPSReader.java, in/FitsReader.java, in/FlexReader.java,
          in/FluoviewReader.java, in/GIFReader.java, in/GatanReader.java,
          in/GelReader.java, in/ICSReader.java, in/IPLabReader.java,
          in/IPWReader.java, in/ImageIOReader.java, in/ImarisReader.java,
          in/ImarisTiffReader.java, in/ImprovisionTiffReader.java,
          in/JPEGReader.java, in/KhorosReader.java, in/LIFReader.java,
          in/LegacyPictReader.java, in/LegacyQTReader.java,
          in/LegacyZVIReader.java, in/LeicaReader.java, in/MDBParser.java,
          in/MNGReader.java, in/MRCReader.java, in/MetamorphReader.java,
          in/MicromanagerReader.java, in/ND2Reader.java,
          in/NRRDReader.java, in/NikonReader.java, in/OIBReader.java,
          in/OIFReader.java, in/OMETiffReader.java, in/OMEXMLReader.java,
          in/OpenlabRawReader.java, in/OpenlabReader.java,
          in/PGMReader.java, in/PNGReader.java, in/PerkinElmerReader.java,
          in/PictReader.java, in/PrairieReader.java, in/QTReader.java,
          in/SDTInfo.java, in/SDTReader.java, in/SEQReader.java,
          in/SlidebookReader.java, in/TCSReader.java, in/TiffReader.java,
          in/VisitechReader.java, in/ZeissLSMReader.java,
          in/ZeissZVIReader.java, out/AVIWriter.java, out/EPSWriter.java,
          out/ImageIOWriter.java, out/JPEGWriter.java,
          out/LegacyQTWriter.java, out/OMETiffWriter.java,
          out/PNGWriter.java, out/QTWriter.java, out/TiffWriter.java:
          Update to 2007 Aug 30 version of Bio-Formats codebase.  Fixes
          problem Jeff found with reading PackBits-compressed TIFFs.

2007-08-28 14:15  donm

        * visad/: FieldImpl.java, FlatField.java: use
          getDomainCoordinateSystem instead of the instance  variable

2007-08-23 12:02  jeffmc

        * visad/DisplayImpl.java: In destroy check if we have a non-null
          component (i.e,, if its in off screen mode).  When we remove a
          scalarmap also remove its control and reset the indices on the
          existing controls

2007-08-23 10:32  billh

        * visad/java3d/DisplayImplJ3D.java: possibly fix memory leak that
          Jeff found, by calling destroyUniverse() from destroy() if
          apiValue == OFFSCREEN

2007-08-22 16:31  jeffmc

        * visad/java3d/VisADCanvasJ3D.java: When in off screen mode the
          call to stopRenderer results in an exception thrown from
          Canvas3D. Also, there is no component. Handle this in destroy()

2007-08-22 16:15  brucef

        * edu/wisc/ssec/mcidas/: AreaFile.java, AreaFileFactory.java:
          Modified AreaFileFactory to handle encoded URLs.  If a URL has a
          '%' in it, it's taken to be encoded.

          Fixed a bug where the factory was creating an AreaFile with an
          incorrect URL.

2007-08-22 13:45  brucef

        * visad/build.xml: Added jar.deps for creating a jarfile of the

2007-08-20 14:39  donm

        * edu/wisc/ssec/mcidas/AreaFile.java: support the PNG compressed
          images in the Unidata-Wisconsin data stream

2007-08-16 22:29  jeffmc

        * visad/meteorology/WeatherSymbols.java: New getSymbol method in

2007-08-14 16:10  jeffmc

        * visad/data/text/TextAdapter.java: Handle different forms of
          lat/lon values

2007-08-10 15:56  jeffmc

        * visad/georef/MapProjection.java: Generalize the getCenterLatLon
          into a getLatLon

2007-08-10 11:53  curtis

        * visad/ImageFlatField.java: Fix bug in
          ImageFlatField.getSample(int) method.

2007-08-09 13:44  curtis

        * visad/ImageFlatField.java: Allow 4 range components.

2007-08-07 14:46  tomw

        * edu/wisc/ssec/mcidas/GOESnav.java: Move some global variables
          into method where they are uniquely used.

Tom Whittaker
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Space Science & Engineering Center (SSEC)
Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies (CIMSS)
1225 W. Dayton Street
Madison, WI  53706  USA
ph: +1 608 262 2759

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