Re: [visad] 3D Mouse

Hi Kevin,
Years ago I adapted VisAD to run in an ImmersaDesk, whichuses a 3-D wand
in place of a mouse. The relevant code is in thevisad/java3d directory in
the files: - extends - extends - just loads the native library for the ImmersaDesk and
You may need a similar general structure, although the details willprobably
be very different. If you come up with something that others can use,
we'd be happy toadd a link to your work from the VisAD web page, or if
you preferwe might be able to add your new classes to our distribution
(as longas you don't need to modify any existing classes - I didn't need
to forthe ImmersaDesk work). Good luck,Bill

  I was curious if anyone has look into using the new "3D mice" that
  coming out, namely 3DConnexion's SpaceNavigator:

  It appears that they have some Java3D support for implementing mouse

  (Shows how to get the Java code/app)

  I plan on looking into how to implement this if I can find some spare

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