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     Good guess! That fixed it.  Thanks a lot.


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Hi Bill/Ken-

Bill Hibbard wrote:

> I took a hard look at the various criteria for computing the
> boolean flags isTextureMap and curvedTexture, and the
> only reasonable cause for curvedTexture == false when
> isTextureMap == true in your case is that you must be
> using a DisplayImplJ2D. The only other possible causes
> I can see are that you may be explicitly setting curvedSize
> to 0, or have a ConstantMap of false to Display.TextureEnable,
> both very unlikely.

I was going to guess Ken's using a DisplayImplJ2D based on
his comment about slowness.

> Curved texture maps are not supported in Java2D and so
> won't work in a DisplayImplJ2D. If you are using a
> DisplayImplJ2D, can you switch to a DisplayImplJ3D?

You could still have a 2D application by using:

    DisplayImpl display
       new DisplayImplJ3D("display", new TwoDDisplayRendererJ3D());

but performance should be greatly improved.  Of course, you'll
need to install Java 3D.

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