Radar Projection

Hi VisAD people,

I am using the visad.bom.Radar2DCoordinateSystem to resample and
visualize some radar data.

One thing I noticed is that when I visualize a resampled data there is
a small gap between the last and first ray. I managed o workaround by
adding a additional ray (361th) that is a duplicate of the first ray.
Doing this is ok for me. Just thought I should report.

I was also reading the Radar2DCoordinateSystem source code and I saw
that the "meter by longitude degree" relation is calculated using the
central latitude in the class constructor. But actually this relation
varies according to the latitude. For bigger ranges and places far
from the equator this can make a significant difference.
I posted an image of it at

So I will probably modify this class to recalculate the relation every
time. It is not complicated but, if anyone is interested, I may also
send it to the list.


Cicero Zandona

Cicero A W Zandoná

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