filled triangles

Hello VisADers,

I am using VisAD to display a bunch of filled triangles (as shown in attachment). Since each triangle is supposed to be a different color my approach was to create an irregular2DSet for each one (using Delaunay.fill()) and then create a reference for each one with an associated constant map (describing Red, Green, Blue).

However, this is awfully slow when I have hundreds of triangles. I was looking for something like creating an unionSet with the irregular2DSets with each irregular2DSet having a property associated to the color but I couldn't find a way to to it.

I found a few references to this on the mail list, but I couldn't make sense of them in the context of my problem.

I would appreciate your help on this matter.


Ricardo Mantilla
Posdoctoral Research Associate

Department of Earth and Environmental Science
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
801 Leroy Pl. MSEC 254
Socorro, NM 87801

Phone: (505) 835-5068
Office: MSEC 254

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