image flicker when changing shape


I am using a delaunay custom to visualise the surface of an irregular 3d mesh. The shape of the mesh can change so, as advised in previous emails (many thanks), I re-create the shape each time.

This works fine, however, I get flicker, or a blank screen inbetween the display of the old shape and of the new shape. I know I should probably expect this but is there any way of avoiding the blank screen - e.g. perform some double buffering - it would make for a much nicer "interactive" experience. Here's what I currently have for updating the existing shape ...

delaun = new DelaunayCustom(disppts, tri, delaunVertices, delaunWalk, delaunEdges, delaunNumEdges, false);
   gsp = new Irregular3DSet(xyz,disppts,null,null,null,delaun);

   func_rgb = new FunctionType(xyz, rgbValues);
   vals_rgb = new FlatField( func_rgb, gsp);

Any help much appreciated.

-- Rupert Ford

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