filling a 'coastline' ??

Hi all, I'm in need of some help.

I'd like to try to 'fill' the coastline data derived from e.g. OUTLUSAM using the mcidas BaseMapAdapter. Using the approach, I can get the coastline drawn as lines, but not as filled polygons. I should point out that I am not entirely certain that the data in OUTLUSAM is actually all closed polygons.

I did see on the list how DelaunayCustom.Fill might be useful.  However, I got 
an exception

visad.VisADException: path self intersects
        at visad.DelaunayCustom.fillCheck(
        at visad.DelaunayCustom.fillCheck(

which may or may not have been specific to my data.

My bigger concern is that i am using a display side coordinate system and Map Projections from ucar.unidata.geoloc, much like the IDV does. It seems to me that I cannot do the fill in lat/lon, I would need to fill in x,y, or am I being very stupid?

I did also consider making a FlatField from the data, e.g. lat x lon -> VALUE, with all values 0, and then using IsoContour fill the fill option on and setting the contour levels to include 0. Not sure about this.

Any help gratefully appreciated.


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