Re: How to display block data?

Hi, Jim,

Thanks for you reply.

What I want is to display the block's width and height with the value DX[i] and 
DY[j] one by one. But when I used the Gridded2DSet,  it seems that the block's 
width and height is not equals to the DX[i] and DY[j]. I don't know how the 
Gridded2DSet discript the block's width and height, or my array DX and DY is 
not used and only used the summation of DX and DY?

Another question: 
    How can I zoom in/out the display? Now the default event of dragged mouse 
is: BUTTON1 move the display, BUTTON2 give the position's lat/lon, BUTTON3 do 
nothing. How can I change this event?



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Hello Lizhi,

just some quick notes related to your problem.

Did you want to change your display to a parallel projection instead of a 
(default) perspective projection? You can do this by adding the call to 
GraphicsModeControl.setProjectionPolicy() as follows:

> DisplayImplJ3D display = new DisplayImplJ3D( "Display" );
> GraphicsModeControl dispGMC = 
> (GraphicsModeControl)display.getGraphicsModeControl();
> dispGMC.setScaleEnable( true );
+ dispGMC.setProjectionPolicy(DisplayImplJ3D.PARALLEL_PROJECTION);

After this, you'll notice that the 'white box' which surrounds your data will 
be displayed as a rectangle, rather than a cube.

To turn the 'box' off, you can use:

+ DisplayRenderer displayRenderer = display.getDisplayRenderer();
+ displayRenderer.setBoxOn(false);


Jim Koutsovasilis
Australian Bureau of Meteorology

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Subject: How to display block data?

I'm confused by the Gridded2DSet. I don't know how to use visad to display the 
My block data is very simple:   NX = 3, with DX[3] = { 2, 3, 2 }, NY=2 with 
DY[2]={2,1}. I think the picture should be the first pic at the website , but when I use the visad with 
Gridded2DSet, I get the second pic.  How can I draw the data?



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