Re: RE: ogc features over orthophoto over dem

Thanks Jim,
the alpha sucks a lot of additional ram, so I switched it off.
Good you asked, since something very strange happens when using alpha:

The photo behaves like having alpha on itself (you can see the
overlays), but it doesn't. You can see the axes, but not the map below.

I also tried to do the alpha with a ConstantMap[], but I went out of
memory with 2 gigs of dedicated ram. And that on a raster of about
200x200. This hurts.

Any idea about the transparency problem?


* [A.D. 14/11/06 09:49], Jim Koutsovasilis <J.Koutsovasilis@xxxxxxxxxx> 
probably wrote:
> Hello Andrea,
> your screenshot is very impressive and inspiring.
> Most of your Display.Alpha code is commented out - I am wondering how
> the screenshot would have looked with transparency turned on.
> Regards,
> Jim.
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> Jim Koutsovasilis
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> Subject: ogc features over orthophoto over dem
> I prototyped around a little bit adding also shapefiles to my testcase
> and I must say: visad rocks!
> I have huge performance problems, which I hope to resolve somehow later.
> I put the resulting screenshot at:
> I hope someone is interested in this first draft and has some ideas on
> how to do things better. I welcome all critics (Don Murray, I wasn't yet
> able to get things work following your advices, I will come back on that
> later).
> I have a couple of rather different questions I would like to post, in
> the hope they are not too scattered.
> - in visad, is there some kind of caching system that gives the
> possibility to work with huge files that can't be kept in memory? Kind
> of tiling mechanism. LIDAR and friends are a now used reality, has
> anyone experience?
> - in the image I made the river with a Gridded3DSet. I'm not sure if
> that is the proper way. Should I use some VisadLineArray?
> - also, I had to elevate the river of some meter, since in certain parts
> it went below the elevation model (which by the way is right, since the
> river is made of coarser points as the dem and the lines in some parts
> "intersect" the dem). Has anyone a better idea to overlay the shapefile 
> over the dem?
> - I tried to simulate a line with borders by painting a thinner after a
> thicker one of different color. The result is weak as expected, is there
> any way to do styling of lines (apart of dashing, which I read is
> supported)?
> And last but not least (even if really not so important :)): 
> - has anyone an idea about how to put a filled polygon over the dem? I
> tried as a joke to do it with Delauny, but it doesn't permit 3D.
> Perhaps the best would be to create an image and use it as a texture
> over the dem and photo (does this last sentence make a sense?).
> Thanks in advance for any comment.
> Andrea
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