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Bill Hibbard wrote:
Sets are immutable, so to change the location of your
points you'll have to construct a new DelaunayCustom,
a new Irregular3DSet and a new FlatField, then pass
the FlatField to tetref.setData(). Hopefully this won't
be too slow for you - the good news is that DelaunayCustom
is constructed much quicker than the other Delaunay
subclasses. You may be able to speed it up a bit more
by saving the Vertices, Walk and Edges arrays constructed
by your first call to the DelaunayCustom constructor, then
passing them to subsequent DelaunayCustom constructors.

To save on time/memory, you should be able to do something like
the following if your FlatField range does not change:

     // create the new set
      delaun = new DelaunayCustom(newpts, tri);
      newgsp = new Irregular3DSet(xyz,newpts,null,null,null,delaun);
      newvals_rgb = new FlatField( func_rgb, newgsp);
      //use copy=false to use the same array of range values

so you'll just end up using the range for the new and old

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