Re: 2nd screen rendering problem!

Hi Antonio,

This is an issue with Java3D, so I did a quick search for related
issues, and found this from the Java3D 1.3-beta1 README file:

 Support for multiscreen-aware applications in virtual-screen environments

  With this release applications can use GraphicsConfigTemplate3D to retrieve
  a GraphicsConfiguration from a specific physical screen device even when a
  virtual screen is being used to consolidate them.  The GraphicsConfiguration
  can then be used to create Canvas3D objects on that physical screen.

  This allows a separate Screen3D object to be associated with the Canvas3D so
  that physical parameters such as the screen's position and orientation
  relative to other screens in the viewing environment can be specified.

  This support is only available when running JDK 1.4 or later.

So it sounds like Java3D version 1.3 and later provide a means to
handle additional screens in various configurations. You'll probably
have to experiment with GraphicsConfigurations to determine how best
to make things work. (My machine has only one screen, so I cannot test
this issue myself.)

If you find a solution, please inform the list, so that we can improve
VisAD's support for multiple screens.


On 9/18/06, Antonio Benvenuti <antonio.benvenuti@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I have problems using Visad on my second screen...
I have tried solving the problem as explained in the following link:

and this is my code:

            GraphicsEnvironment ge
            GraphicsDevice gd = ge.getDefaultScreenDevice();
            GraphicsConfigTemplate3D template = new
            GraphicsConfiguration gc = gd.getBestConfiguration(template);

            TwoDDisplayRendererJ3D tdr = new TwoDDisplayRendererJ3D();
            display = new DisplayImplJ3D(displayName, tdr, gc);

without any result! The exception persists if the display renders on the
second screen!
Has anyone solved the problem?


Antonio Benvenuti

Via Cardinale Giacomo Lercaro, 36

Tel. 340-1054802

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