Re: shifting a unionSet or DataReferenceImpl

Hi Nihat,

Someone else may come up with an easier answer, but
I'd write a method to essentially clone the UnionSet
except for the numerical adjustment to longitude
values. In the time it would take to dream up
something clever, you could write this little method
(assuming the Sets in your UnionSet are all of the
same class).

Good luck,

On Mon, 21 Aug 2006, ncubukcu wrote:

> Hi
> What is the easiest way to shift a base map? I read in a shapefile which
> takes 180deg longitude as starting point whereas all my data starts from
> 0deg longitude. So I need to shift either my data fields or the base
> map. (I would prefer the basemap) This is what I get otherwise: Thanks a
> lot in advance...
> nihat

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