Re: fea visualisation in VisAD

Hi Rupert,

I assume FEA = Finite Element Analysis. Finite
element analyses can be represented in the VisAD
data model, using GriddedSets or IrregularSets
for the spatial geometries, as the domain Sets of
FlatFields for the dependent variables sampled
over those geometries. Times series can be
represented as FieldImpls of such FlatFields,
with a 1-D domain Set for sample times. You should
be able to find examples of such things (although
not specifically from FEA) in the tutorial and
other examples. I suggest that you look into this,
and get back to this list with any more specific

Good luck,

On Tue, 1 Aug 2006, Rupert Ford wrote:

> Hi,
> I am hoping to use VisAD to visualise the results of an FEA solver. Is
> anyone looking at how to visualise FEA output in VisAD? I searched
> through the archive and found a brief discussion between Dean Vucinic
> and Bill Hibbard on adding specific classes, back in 2004. Any help or
> pointers to get me going would be much appreciated and I would be very
> willing to collaborate on any required development with anyone else who
> might be interested.
> Thanks
> -- Rupert Ford
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