p.s., Re: Animation in Radar App

On Mon, 5 Jun 2006, Bill Hibbard wrote:

> . . .
> > >From running various scenarios I may have narrowed it down to the
> > animation process. It was observed that if the application was not
> > looping, i.e, playing, the memory usage would become stable and the
> > application ran for many days. However, with play enabled, the
> > application would run out of memory in a few hours or overnight.
> You observe stable memory usage when the application is
> not looping. Are the periodic calls to:
>   AnimationControl.setSet(newSet)
> and
>   DataReference.setData(Field)
> occurring when you observe stable memory usage?
> If they are occurring when memory usage is stable, that
> isolates looping as the cause of the meory leak, and
> will significantly narrow the search for a cause.
> . . .

If the calls to setSet() and setData() are occuring
when you observe stable memory usage, then to really
isolate looping as the cause of the memory leak it
would be useful to run a test with looping enabled
but with the calls to setSet() and setData() disabled.


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