Re: DataImpl Arithmetic

Not possible, or at least very impractical. The 'types'
that Kevin and I are discussing are VisAD MathTypes and
there are an infinite number of them that may be
generated by applications dynamically at run time. When
an application opens a file that operation may return
any of those MathTypes, and other operations can generate
arbitrarily complex MathTypes.

Catching MathType mismatch errors at compile time would
limit the compiled code to a finite set of MathTypes.

VisAD does use interfaces extensively. Data, Display,
Field, Cell and DataReferences are a few examples.


On Fri, 26 May 2006, Eric Davies wrote:

> Just a thought for the future:
> Why isn't the error that Kevin experienced a compile time error
> instead of a runtime error?
> At a high level, this is a type mismatch error and Java is a very
> strongly typed language, suggesting that its compile time type
> checking system should be usable to enforce such.
> Using interfaces to clarify input arguments would serve as automatic
> documentation as to what the input arguments were actually allowed to be.
> Possible?

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