Re: RubberBandRenderer and ScreenLockedRenders for 2D

Hi Tom-

Tom Rink wrote:

Why do you have to use DirectX?  I think most graphics card
vendors supply OpenGL and DirectX drivers?  Is there a problem
on the OpenGL side?

Some users still have problems with the OpenGL drivers for
certain cards.  ATI has pretty lousy OpenGL support for mobile

I looked at the RBB renderer and it seemed like we'd just
need another VisADBranch.

There's a lot of Java3D specfic code in RBBR_J3D.drag_direct,
which is how the box is drawn.  There's plenty of common
code, but the RB box would have to be rendered on the 2D
canvas directly - I think.


Again, all the rendering on the 2D side is done at once in
VisADCanvasJ2D.  The ScreenLockedRendererJ3D uses
two differenct TransformGroups, one of which, the one
linked to the 'locked' object, is left alone after initialized.
It's not obvious to me straightaway that this trick will
work with the Java2D rendering.

Okay.  I'll dink around some more to see if I can implement
something.  It would seem that you'd just need a group that
would be left alone on the Java 2D side.

Thanks for the input.


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