Re: Display.Radius "Hole"

Hi Kevin,

Sorry for the delay in responding. There range for
Display.Radius is (0.01, 2.0). The lower bound of
0.01 is to avoid arithmetical singularities at
Radius = 0. In order to get your "range" RealType
value of 0.0 right at the center of the display
(i.e., Radius = 0.0), change your:

  ranMap.setRange(1000.0, 800000.0);


  ranMap.setRange(4000.0, 800000.0);

That is, the following three mappings all fall on
the same linear line:

       0.0 -> 0.0
    4000.0 -> 0.01
  800000.0 -> 2.0

Good luck,

On Fri, 20 Jan 2006, Kevin Manross wrote:

> Greetings,
> I finally figured out a way to map my terrain data from a cartesian grid
> to a radar-centric polar grid (This makes my data processing easier to
> code and hopefully more efficient).  I'm trying to display the data
> using Display.Radius and Display.Longitude since the data are now in a
> polar grid.  Is there any way to eliminate the "hole" at the center of
> such a plot?  The cursor coordinates within this hole (using the
> standard middle mouse button readout) display an area of range < 0;
> I have a sample program and associated terrain file at:
> (you'll need to unzip the .nc file).
> Thanks!!
> -kevin.