VisAD updated

I have updated the visad.jar file and associated source and docs. 
Here's a summary of the changes:

------ Package: visad ----------

2006-02-15 13:32  curtis

        * Add new createImage signature that
          takes "boolean byRef" parameter.  Old createImage signature calls
          this method with byRef=false, to preserve the old behavior (this
          fixes the problem with blank Java2D displays).

2006-02-14 12:28  donm

        * fix bug that Tom Rink found

2006-02-13 16:30  curtis

          Many:  Remove unnecessary import statements.

2006-02-13 16:28  curtis

          bom/, examples/ Some
          work on ImageFlatField logic: * Add intelligent support for
          ImageFlatField to ImageRendererJ3D   (via
          ShadowImageFunctionTypeJ3D).  * Add ScalarMap.scaleValues(byte[],
          int) method to scale a series of bytes   according to the map
          range, times a given scale factor (useful to scale   bytes from 0
          to 255 instead of 0.0 to 1.0 as normal).  * Add Test73 to test
          ImageFlatField logic.

2006-02-13 14:14  curtis

        * examples/ Do not show bounding box.

2006-02-13 11:20  donm

        * fix the javadoc for setLabelBothSides() to
          reflect what it really does

2006-02-13 08:50  donm

        * new methods labelling both sides, adding in

2006-02-10 16:26  curtis

        * Fix bug in random perturbation of samples
          that caused algorithm to perform less robustly. This fix should
          improve the chances of a correct Watson triangulation when there
          are colinear points. However, the algorithm still fails on
          certain sets of colinear points, although it seems to fail less
          spectactularly (the IrregularRenderTest2 example I sent to the
          list recently looks "almost correct").

2006-02-09 15:36  donm

        * bom/,
          java3d/ checking in some code
          that Bill dreamed up while visiting Boulder.  Fixed a problem
          where you couldn't change the data in a reference using an
          ImageRendererJ3D (and likely an AnimationRendererJ3D) if it had a
          different MathType

2006-02-09 15:20  curtis

        * examples/ Split Delaunay testing code into two
          public methods: makeTriang and visTriang, which can be called
          from external code for testing. The functionality of
          DelaunayTest's main method is unchanged, except for the addition
          of an optional "test" parameter that calls Delaunay.test to check
          for errors in the triangulation.

2006-02-09 14:41  curtis

        * Add test(float[][] samples, boolean printErrors)
          method for more verbose reporting of Delaunay triangulation

2006-02-09 13:35  donm

        * Add in a constructor that takes a
          CS unit argument.  Useful for converting between two values where
          one has bad units and the reference has good units

2006-02-03 17:20  curtis

        *, Use BufferedImage instead of
          Image for ImageFlatField; override FlatField.computeRanges to
          avoid unpackValues/Floats call.

2006-01-30 17:11  curtis

        * Recommit streamlined createImage
          code, with a stupid indexing bug fixed.

2006-01-27 15:11  donm

        * data/netcdf/ wow, two long-standing,
          untickled bugs in one day!  Default unit for Frequency is Hz, not

2006-01-27 13:29  donm

        * fix a bug in extract when one of the components
          is a Real

2006-01-20 16:52  curtis

        * There is an issue with createImage
          when the byte[][] color_values array is not rectangular (e.g.,
          color_values[0] has a different number of elements than
          color_values[1]). Revert back to the old method until this
          problem can be fixed.

2006-01-20 16:20  curtis

          bom/, bom/,
          bom/, bom/,
          bom/, bom/,
          bom/, bom/,
          data/, data/,
          data/fits/, data/units/,
          data/vis5d/, examples/,
          install/, install/, util/ Use
          "en" instead of "enum" for Enumerations, since "enum" is now a
          keyword in Java 1.5.

2006-01-20 16:19  curtis

        * When creating BufferedImages in
          createImage, use byte[][] array directly instead of converting to
          packed integers, since Java3D texturing by reference does not
          work with packed integer format. Test16 and Test21, the only two
          tests whose descriptions mention textures, still work.

2006-01-20 16:15  curtis

        * examples/ Use XAxis,YAxis instead of
          Latitude,Longitude to test larger textures.

2006-01-19 13:12  curtis

          All: 2006 copyright update (thanks to Dave for the impressive update

2006-01-13 18:18  curtis

        *, Initial cut of
          ImageFlatField (pixels backed by a java.awt.Image).

2006-01-12 11:47  donm

        *, add a set/getAdjustFlowToEarth
          method to FlowControl, modify ShadowType to use it.

2005-12-12 14:18  curtis

        * data/bio/ More robust handling of ICS/IDS file pair.

2005-12-12 12:40  curtis

        * util/ Include IDS as another legal extension for ICS

2005-12-12 12:32  curtis

        * data/bio/, util/ Add new forms to VisAD
          file chooser widget.

2005-12-12 12:26  curtis

        * data/bio/ Form for Image Cytometry Standard (ICS)
          file format.

2005-12-06 15:11  curtis

        * data/tiff/ Fix bug in horizontal differencing.

2005-12-02 05:41  billh

        * java3d/ add ScalarMap to IsoContour to test
          in main() method

2005-11-29 17:20  curtis

        * data/bio/ Fix bug with EOFExceptions when extracting
          TIFF image data.

2005-11-29 17:11  curtis

        * data/tiff/ Use System.arraycopy instead of
          for loop for copyArray methods.

2005-11-29 15:55  curtis

        * data/tiff/ Fix bugs in LZW compression -- it works

2005-11-29 14:28  curtis

        * data/bio/ Better detection of ZTC dimensions.

2005-11-28 14:24  curtis

        * data/: bio/, bio/,
          bio/, bio/, bio/,
          bio/, bio/,
          bio/, bio/,
          tiff/, tiff/,
          tiff/, tiff/ Progress on
          file formats. First version of Image-Pro IPW form.

2005-11-18 18:08  curtis

        * data/tiff/ Remove some unneeded constants.

2005-11-18 18:07  curtis

        * data/tiff/:,,,
 Progress on saving TIFF with LZW compression.
          Doesn't work properly yet.

2005-11-18 11:58  curtis

        * data/tiff/ Sort IFD tags in ascending order; label
          saved TIFFs with "VisAD" in the Software directory entry if it is
          not overridden.

2005-11-18 11:48  curtis

        * data/tiff/:, Eliminate a useless
          layer of buffering (save performance seems unaffected).

2005-11-17 12:26  curtis

        * data/tiff/:,,
          Initial implementation of native TIFF save methods.

2005-11-17 12:26  curtis

        * data/bio/ Fix bug in getMetadataValue.

---- package: edu ----

2006-01-19 14:45  donm

        * wisc/ssec/mcidas/ trim the comment cards

2006-01-19 14:21  curtis

        * wisc/ssec/mcidas/:,,
, adde/, adde/,
          adde/, adde/,
          adde/, adde/,
          adde/, adde/,
          adde/, adde/,
          adde/, adde/, adde/,
          adde/ Standardize copyright messages across
          edu.wisc.ssec.mcidas package.

2006-01-19 10:35  donm

        * wisc/ssec/mcidas/:, add in module for
          MSG navigation (made by copying MSGTnav and modifying using the
          diff of nvxmsgt.dlm and nvxmsg.dlm).

2006-01-11 09:47  tomw

        * wisc/ssec/mcidas/ Fix problem with
          single-banded image with band number > 31...

2005-11-29 09:27  tomw

        * wisc/ssec/mcidas/:,,
,, Allow AreaFile
          objects to be serialized.  Two static methods added to McUtil to
          facilitate this and help out environments like matlab where it is
          really hard to "cast"...

Tom Whittaker
University of Wisconsin-Madison
1225 W. Dayton Street
Madison, WI  53706  USA
ph: 608-262-2759

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