Re: Strange Results for Resampled Irregular3DSet

Hi Eugen,

I said:

Fortunately, you may not need to use IrregularSets at all. If the data is merely unevenly spaced, but still a convex grid, as in your code example, you can use Gridded3DSet.

If you do need to use an Irregular3DSet, you can work around the bug with the following code:

   Irregular3DSet iset = new Irregular3DSet(xyz, samples,
     null, null, null, new DelaunayClarkson(samples));

Instead of:

   Irregular3DSet iset = new Irregular3DSet(xyz, samples);

This technique works because for small samplings VisAD uses the DelaunayWatson algorithm by default, which fails with your data, but DelaunayClarkson works.

   boolean success = iset.Delan.test(samples, true);

Also, please ignore the above Delan.test line; it was for debugging and I had meant to remove it.


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